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INSOMNIUM: Ayil Schuch
Player’s Name: Dameceles
DA Account: Celestial-Gold
Journal Account: anythingbutpurple
Ayil Schuh
Age: 15
Gender: Male
Species: Half-human, half-imp.  Starts out looking fully human but steadily transforms into a magical humanoid that is distinctly purple.
Imps are symbiotic parasitic creatures from netherworldly regions that resemble humans in form, save for more predatory teeth and nails, as well as coming in a myriad of inhuman prismatic colors. They rely on bonding with other beings in order to access the energy necessary to grow; the contracted bond ensures a degree of loyalty to the host and access to any of the imp’s abilities.  As imps are resilient critters with considerable magic, they are considered useful servants to those with energy to spare – for mortal beings bargaining is dangerous as it is usuall
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Blood SE: It's My Party
The Stadium. Eve of the finale.
It's an unparalleled celebration being held within the normally perfect world of form and order that is Nikki Harper's office. But then again, the occasion is one unlike any seen before. It's not often, of course, that the grey concrete monolith has seen a spectacle like to that of Blood.
And even less often that they've looked forward to the prospect of a finale this grand.
Only two contestants remain, out of the original sixteen. Not the oldest, or strongest, or fastest - but the ones with intersecting lives and tragedy of luck. This game of thrones is coming to an end, and the bloodbath is winding down to one final burst of gore and glory.
The solution is obvious.
A party must be thrown.
The room in the Stadium's center has been decked up all special for this joyous occasion. Banners festooned with dripping text adorn the walls, and there's streamers hanging from the fixtures, all red and white. Party hats are the sole mandatory dress code, helmets ex
:icontamasha:Tamasha 4 7
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Third Blood: Nocturne III
Third Blood:
End of Days.

Carmen ran. Tears stinging her eyes, feet slapping on the concrete and arms flapping like useless deadweights, she ran. Through the rows of jostling spectators and up, up the tiers of seats to the very top where the exits lurked.
Roxy, oh Roxy. Oh hell, Roxy.
If only she'd gotten here sooner. If only getting past them hadn't taken so long, if only they hadn't been watching, then maybe…
What? Maybe what? What would she have done, throw herself in the ring with her friend? Beg and plead for Roxy's life?
Wish her luck and know she'd spoken to her, one last time?
She'd known this could happen ever since they first got here. But now that it had, it was a sledgehammer to the face. Surgery without anaesthesia. A white-hot poker between the ribs. Roxy's death hurt her in ways she'd never imagined and places she'd never known existed.
She was wheezing by the time she reached the topmost row and staggered into the safety of the shadow
:icontamasha:Tamasha 2 3
Third Blood: Nocturne II
Third Blood:
Day Two.

Funny, how quickly tomorrow melted into today. Time was a perverse creature. It dragged when you wanted it to pass, slid through your fingers and vanished like wisps of cloud when you'd rather it didn't. The days seemed alternately to stretch and loosen, hours both flickering past in stolid clumps and settling as slow and thick as quicksand.
Almost before he knew it, morning had melted into evening on the second day, and evening was darkening to night. And he was back in Nikki Harper's office.
You could hear the stadium from here. It was a low smouldering hum on the horizon, like the rolling of thunder on distant hills. It intensified for a moment as Nikki parted the curtain to look out of her window, and then dulled against as she drew the cloth back into place.
"Looks like we have a full house tonight," she commented.
"Oh, I'm sure the seats are all sold out." Freed of both shackles and Carrier presence this time, Jaime was slouching in a
:icontamasha:Tamasha 2 2
Third Blood: Nocturne I
Lorne is waiting for him when he leaves the medical wing, later that evening. It's dark by then. The Stadium's been closed down, the blood hosed off the concrete. Footsteps echo hollowly in hallways and shadows stretch long and thin.
The boy looks tired. His eyes are dark spots in his white face, brimful with all the horrors he's seen today. His mouth is a thin-taut line. He doesn't speak, but he tilts his eyes up as Jaime crouches before him, as if about to say something.
And then he hits him.
It's not hard, but the force of surprise makes it harder. Taken aback, Jaime totters. He lands hard on his behind, one hand going automatically to his face.
"That's for my buddy's mom!" Lorne says loudly.
There's two spots of high colour in the boy's cheeks and his fists tremble as he glares at him, half-defiant and half-apprehensive, almost daring him to protest. Jaime peeks back at him through his fingers, utterly bemused. And his mouth turns up at the corners in spite of himself,
:icontamasha:Tamasha 2 3
the gaang does not approve-WIP by limey404 the gaang does not approve-WIP :iconlimey404:limey404 4,221 1,141 Tiles: In the eyes of Children by MacDoninri Tiles: In the eyes of Children :iconmacdoninri:MacDoninri 5,861 1,249


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I'd like to be an Artist and an Author. But that requires completing artwork and publishing stories... I've got a ways to go.
I'll be taking some classes starting this summer, so hopefully more digital art will crop up in my gallery soon.

Also I've been a lot more active on tumblr:

Also also started an art blog:




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